Easy way to see status of package migration to 0.7?

Other than installing a package and trying it out/running its tests is there an easier way for users to find out if a package is usable on 0.7? I poked around on the forums here and didn’t see anything. There is Julia Observer but it doesn’t seem to include Julia version compatibility.

I’m not sure how it might be implemented but it would be great if there was a database that could indicate the latest version of Julia for which a package has been released, and if there is any development towards a later version some indication of that effort’s status (i.e. not started/in progress/complete) and ideally if not “complete” also the status of dependencies. Also if there are platform differences between the development status that would also be useful.

If something like this doesn’t exist I don’t know if I have the skills/time to design/implement it effectively but I’d certainly be up for helping.


Related question: when will the nice Julia Package Ecosystem Pulse site, which used to do this for previous versions, start to track 0.7 support of packages? It stopped doing so in May.


You can check the github page of the package and see if the CI script (eg .travis.yml) runs the tests for v0.7, and then check the test status.