Dynamic programming


I am new to Julia and I would like to know if there is any MIP optimization solver that performs dynamic search.

I have an optimization problem that exceeds 1000 variables allowed by student/research CPLEX license.

Cbc and GLPK solvers resolve MIP using Branch and Bound/Cut.

Is there any free solver that performs dynamic search

I have no idea if it will do what you need it to do, but check out JuMP.jl if you haven’t already:


I am not sure, but why dynamic search is relevant? Seems to me that the problem is the restriction on the number of variables. I have already set CPLEX/Gurobi to not use dynamic search, just B&B and they do not have a much worse performance because of it.

You mention a 1000 variables limit, I am a PhD student and I have no knowledge of this limit. I use both CPLEX and Gurobi and both allow any number of variables in their academic versions.


The 1000 variable limit is from the CPLEX community license, which is different from the academic license and available to everybody.

Thank you for your help!