`_dump_function` not defined

I’m looking at a section of v.1.1-dev of the documentation which provides an exampls

It is also possible to dump an LLVM IR module for just one Julia function, using:

f, T = +, Tuple{Int,Int} # Substitute your function of interest here
optimize = false
open("plus.ll", "w") do f
    println(f, Base._dump_function(f, T, false, false, false, true, :att, optimize))

However I get

ERROR: UndefVarError: _dump_function not defined

I tried adding and using LLVM without success.

Which Julia version are you using? That function only exists on the master branch of Julia, as far as I can tell.

If you’re looking for the docs for 1.0.1, they’re here (select 1.0.1 in the dropdown up left in the docs).

I am using 1.0.1, I included the dev docs since I thought they might have been different.

dev docs are for dev versions - the functions documented there are not yet available in a regular release.

It’s identical between the two, I included dev references because it may reflect any updates.