Downloaded artifact: Enzyme took me forever and install failed

  1. I met this problem when adding another package as well, what is artifact: Enzyme?
    google don’t know
]add OffsetArrays

Resolving package versions…
Downloaded artifact: Enzyme
Downloaded artifact: Enzyme
ERROR: Unable to automatically install ‘Enzyme’ from ‘C:\Users\MSK.julia\packages\Enzyme_jll\TsA2h\Artifacts.toml’

  1. A warnning during when I boost my computer and open vscode and run any Julia code.
(process:8072): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: 09:12:38.999: Unexpectedly, UWP app `Evernote.Evernote_10.28.3.0_x86__q4d96b2w5wcc2' (AUMId `Evernote.Evernote_q4d96b2w5wcc2!Evernote') supports 1 extensions but has no verbs

it’s: GitHub - wsmoses/Enzyme: High-performance automatic differentiation of LLVM.

but it’s not a direct or indirect dependency of OffsetArrays