Dot overloading not supported in ScikitLearn.jl

I am working on Julia and using ScikitLearn.jl as a package to access the ScikitLearn models of Machine Learning. As per the examples cited in the ScikitLearn.jl github repository documentation, I have used, for example:

@sk_import linear_model: LogisticRegression 

As a result of which I am getting the following warning:

Warning: getindex(o::PyObject, s::Symbol) is deprecated in favor of dot overloading (getproperty) so elements should now be accessed as e.g. o.s instead of o[:s].
│ caller = top-level scope at Skcore.jl:158
└ @ Core ~/.julia/packages/ScikitLearn/HK6Vs/src/Skcore.jl:158

Could anyone please help me in solving this warning issue? Thanks :slight_smile: .

See It seems to be fixed on the latest master.