Does Searchlight ORM have relationships?

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Does Searchlight have active support for relational databases? I know it has a Relationships module but the usage is not very clear. If so, can you explain a bit?

I am very new to the genie ecosystem and my excuses if this question would be a bit dumb.

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Ii found myself in a similar place a few weeks ago and what I found out is, that you can call the Relationship! function on two objects which first checks if the types are already in a relationship via the Relationship function (note the missing bang ) and if necessary creates the type. Then a relationship object is created. And via save you can persist it to the DB.
What apparently is not supported are additional attributes to the relationship aside from the primary keys of the connected objects as well as a higher-level Interface.
I plan on playing with some ideas to improve the process and if successful make a pull requests, but don’t count on it happening too soon as I’m pretty occupied at the moment.

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