Does"name", scene) also save the legends on the plot automatically?

My simplified code looks as follows:
using GLMakie

fig1 = Figure()
ax1 = Axis(fig1[1,1], xlabel = “What”, ylabel = “is going on”)
GLMakie.scatter!(ax1, xvalues, yvalues, makersize = 4, color = colours, label = “please help”)
title_of_plot = “\path\to\folder\name.png”, fig1)
axislegend(ax1, position=:lt, labelsize = 25)

It does save the plot with the correct name, but the legends/labels are not present.
Am I passing it a wrong key-argument, or what?

I don’t see you creating any legends, so I guess that’s why? Or what exactly is the problem?

I was creating legends, but after I used, so that was the issue. I have edited my original question, to showcase what happened.
Thanks for the inspiration to fix it!

So is your issue solved?

Yes, it is!

I had just put things in the wrong order.

Should I delete the question or let it remain?

You can mark your own post as the solution

Oh thanks!

I’m new on here, so not entirely sure how the community/site functions yet.