Does FFTW keep a system wisdom



Does a Julia’s FFTW library keeps its own system wisdom?
I use fft’s quite often for a given set of array dimensions. I’d like to create optimized plans (using FFTW.EXHAUSTIVE flag). I know how to export and import plans and have been doing that, creating wisdom files for the set of data I have on a given folder. But I end up with lots of different wisdoms files.

Basically, what I’d like to have is a ever increasing system wisdom that is always imported on every usage of fft. Is that what happens already?


No, no wisdom is imported/exported by default.

Note that you can always create a single wisdom file for your own use; I’m not sure why you are ending up with lots of wisdom files instead of using just one?


I guess it was due to my lack of understanding of how it works.
So, I can just increment an already created wisdom file, is that it? I import the old wisdom, create the different plans I need and export it to the same file again, is that it?