Does anyone know an estimated number of Julia users?

Just interested to know how many people use Julia.


While not a count of users, TIOBE index is one ranking of popularity of Julia relative to other languages. Julia is at #25 at the moment.


You can also check where they periodically update the number of downloads and packages.

There was a telemetry proposal under consideration that would help answer questions like this (at least as a lower bound), but it looks like it will not make it into 1.6, cf


vscode keeps track of the number of downloads of individual extensions. shows >160K downloads, and my (fuzzy) memory is that when a new release comes out, the number climbs back up near this level within a week or so. So this might be a fairly good lower bound for the number of “active” users. Of course, not everyone uses vscode.


That is quite a nice way to track the number of users. If we also check how many people have installed language-julia package for Atom, then it is 166820 (VS) + 549,243 (Atom) = 716063 people who have Julia installed.

This may not work very well as there will be a very large overlap because of people that migrated from atom to vscode and have both installed.