[Documentation] Declared types, possible bug?



[Edit: moved to an issue according to the feedback from Kristoffer]

The chapter ‘## Declared Types’ starts with ‘The three kinds of types discussed in the previous three sections are actually all closely related’.

This sentence would include ‘## Mutable Composite Types’, ‘## Composite Types’ and ‘## Primitive Types’. BUT NOT ‘## Abstract Types’.

Afaiu abstract types also belong to the ‘declared types’ group (acc. to the listed key properties and the example given: typeof(Real)). If this is correct, than the following fixes would be required:

  • ‘… discussed in the previous four sections …’
  • not sure about ‘three kinds of types’. Are ‘mutable structs’ and ‘immutable structs’ considered to be the same kind? Thus either keep three or change to four types.

Additional remark: maybe it would be a good idea to mention what would be ‘non-declared types’? Iiuc these are Core.TypeofBottom, Union and UnionAll.


I think posts like this are better as issues on the repo. They are more easily tracked there.