Docs don't show up for `names(DataFrames)`

I got a problem with the auto-complete menu (and the documentation pane) as below.

It seems julia-vscode don’t show the docs for some symbols/functions that can be obtained in the repl help (in this case help?> leftjoin). Did I miss sth.?

I am on Julia Version 1.6.3 and julia-vscode v1.5.6.


Edit: It seems julia-vscode won’t show any docs for functions of DataFrames.jl.

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Where does DataAPI.leftjoin from the hover info come from? It seems not a loaded module.

julia> DataAPI in Base.loaded_modules_array()
ERROR: UndefVarError: DataAPI not defined

Edit: DataAPI is one of dependencies for DataFrames.jl. The situation seems that

  • for names from DataAPI, i.e., leftjoin, neither auto-complete menu nor the documentation pane show documentation.
  • for others, i.e., combine, documentation was not provided on auto-complete menu.