Autocomplete dataframe columns names not working in jupyter

Hi there,
julia newbie here, switching from python :).

I am using jupyter and dataframe package.
Please, is there a way how to achieve autocomplete columns name in jupyter?

ie, having
frame = DataFrame(PART_NAME=String, YEAR_URL=String)

some operations

then I would like to write:
frame[:P] and hit tab and have full PART_NAME auto-filled.
This is working in VSCode, but not in Jupyter.

Same thing is working for Python+DataFrame(Pandas).
For bigger projects with longer names this is very usefull to have.

Thank you

Have you tried it using the getproperty syntax?

df[:colname] is deprecated, because it’s ambiguous if it’s acting on columns or rows.



will work?


Thanx a lot for quick reply!, I did not know, that this is deprecated.
df.P\tab is working nicely.

Is there way to switch on depecated warnings?

Also, if I have dataframe and trying to sort according some columns, there is syntax:
sort!(frame, :colname), is there also some trick to achieve autocomplete? :).

Also working in VSCode, but not in jupyter.


I think it’s a bug that it’s not printing deprecation warnings, we should fix that!

I don’t think there is a way to get the autocomplete to work in Jupyter atm. I’m surprised that even works in VSCode! You should file an issue with IJulia.

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OK, seems to not working fully in VSCode either. Only in some cases, where names also used on different lines.
But I tried to raise issue on IJulia, but was closed, as this should be solved in REPLCompletions.jl

So does it make sence to raise issue there? Or is this not possible with Julia REPL?