Do you use PkgTemplates for personal projects?

For personal projects which likely won’t become a published package, do you use Pkg.generate or the full-fledged PkgTemplates.jl? The latter has nice things like setting up the CI, but I’m not sure if I should use it for quick personal projects.

Absolutely. I use PkgTemplates.jl for any package I make, even temporary packages just for testing things out. PkgTemplates.jl just makes things easier. Everything is configurable through a friendly and fool proof interactive process.


Yes, it’s just easier to manage a consistent configuration than having different forms of code everywhere. Makes it easier to jump back into a codebase that I’ve let sit for a while.


As @Sukera and @nsajko mentioned, I use PkgTemplates.jl anytime I want to experiment with a new package idea or keep consistency in creating packages. I also use DrWatson.jl for any analysis projects that I have in mind. Both are great. I see PkgTemplates.jl more for packages I develop that I want to share to other people who are users and DrWatson.jl for myself primarily being the user.