Do you git or hub

Now that hub has been out a bit longer, I’m curious how many people make use of it versus just using the standard git cli (or something else). What is your preferred way to use GitHub?

  • git
  • hub
  • GitKraken/GitHubDesktop/VSCode/Other GUI

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It’s Magit!


I use all three, to different degrees (as well as other helper tools like delta, git-imerge, etc). I’m not sure your poll will accurately capture usage of these tools because of the need to pick one answer to the exclusion of others.

Also, in case you’re not aware, GitHub is now officially investing in a new command-line tool, called gh (but confusingly hosted at a repo named cli/cli). You can see in their own words how it compares to hub.

Yes I know about gh but it is still in beta and I’m guessing not widely adopted.

And yes most people probably use more than one (for example, I mostly use commandline git but I do sometimes use the VSCode add-ons). Just select what you gauge as your most used or most preferred. This isn’t a professional poll