Distributing a julia package that contains Fortran and C code

Dear julia experts
I am developing a package that requires a lot of fortran code with Lapack and Blas dependencies developed long time ago.
While it should be straightforward to compile it manually for myself as a shared library, I was wandering if there is a better tool (like the wonderful numpy.distutils that they sadistically want to remove from python 3.12) to let users just do something like

] add mypackage 

in a julia terminal to automatically download and compile the fortran code, without having to worry to compile the code with boring make and cmake and whatever.
It would be much easier to distribute the code in this way, but googleing I did not find anything

This is the tool: GitHub - JuliaPackaging/BinaryBuilder.jl: Binary Dependency Builder for Julia


Better yet, BinaryBuilder allows the users to automatically download already built binary artifacts for their specific platform.


Wow this is exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much!!

It maybe helpful to look at the existing recipes in Yggdrasil.

These generate JLL packages.

For example,

We cross compile these from a Linux “container” to multiple platforms for the user.

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