Distance Correlation in Julia

Hi all,
Is there any package in Julia to compute distance correlation just like the package energy in r?

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Perhaps this is what you are searching for:

CorrDist corr_dist(x, y) cosine_dist(x - mean(x), y - mean(y))


@lmiq Great! That works for me. Thank you

I don’t think the two functions are calculating the same thing.

julia> using RCall

julia> x = randn(10);

julia> y = randn(10);

julia> R"library(energy)"; rcall(:dcor, x, y)
[1] 0.4823483

julia> using Distances

julia> corr_dist(x, y)

I think it is quite easy in julia to implement a simplified (and also more performant) version for distance correlation from scratch. If it is not in a performance critical part, you can also use RCall.jl to use functions from R.

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No, they are not! In fact, this small example shows that the version of cordist implemented in distances.jl is not always between 0 and 1 unlike the definition in here. Also it seems higher distances are associated with stronger independence - opposite to dcor.

p = 3
q = 5
Y = randn(n, q)
X = randn(n, p)
Y[:,1] = X[:,1]
pairwise(CorrDist(), Y, X, dims=2)

Currently, I am using RCall (dcor in r) to compute the distance correlation. This is too expensive in an MC simulation. I have not been able to implement a better and fast version.

This one then?



Yes! That works better. Exactly what I was looking for.
Many thanks!