Display of => using JuliaMono

I’ve been facing a somewhat strange issue using the JuliaMono font, where the Dict map character => displays differently depending on the type of the key.


I am using Sublime text as my editor, wondering if anyone else has faced this and if there’s a way to get them to appear identical. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that the repo is being actively maintained.

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It’s pretty weird. Here are some examples:
It seems to fail when the arrow is preceeded by an alphanumeric character, a parenthesis and then another alphanumeric character.

If I switch to a different syntax, say, markdown, everything displays correctly with ligatures, so there is some connection to the Julia syntax scheme. If I switch to python syntax, no ligatures are shown.

The Sublime Text documents say:

Additionally, the sequence of characters that comprise the ligature must all be part of the same token, as defined by the syntax being used to display the file.

I have no idea what these tokens are, because SublimeText’s syntax files are not my idea of bedtime reading - but it’s possible that the syntax rules are interfering with the text-shaping process.

The font-drawing process only happens once (until a redraw), so perhaps certain combinations of characters are bypassed in certain contexts? The font is probably not to blame, because it’s not doing anything very complicated (no look-aheads or look-behinds, for example).


Also from the same document:

See if the ligatures appear when using the “Plain Text” syntax for the file. If so, the syntax is likely breaking the symbols into distinct tokens, preventing a ligature from being used.

So it’s probably a job for the author of the syntax file…