Display image in Dash app

I am currently building an app for image visualisation using Dash platform. But, I am unable to find the right graph to display the image, which could be a 2D array or 3D array with RGB channels. Here is a simple code snippel. Could anyone help me out? Thanks a lot.

using Plotly
using Dash, DashHtmlComponents, DashCoreComponents, DashBootstrapComponents
using Random

my_image = rand(Float32, (100, 200))
my_plot2 = (
        data = [(z = my_image, type = "heatmap", name = "Image")],
        layout = (title = "Image Visualization",),
app.layout = html_div() do
        dcc_graph(id = "image_display", figure = my_plot2)
run_server(app, "", debug = true)