App using Dash with multi components (dcc_dropdown and dcc_graph) error

I would like to make an application in which I have both a dcc_dropdown and a dcc_graph component, but I do not seem to be able to get the right ‘format of the call’.

I had ChatGPT make a ‘simplified version’ of my code/what I want to do, such that it’s easy to run and see the issue:
The error reads: ERROR: MethodError: no method matching html_div(::Component, ::Component, ::Component)

using Dash
using DashHtmlComponents
using DashCoreComponents
using Random

function generate_data()
x = 1:10
y = rand(10)
return (x=x, y=y)

data1 = generate_data()

layout = html_div(
html_h1(“Simple Dash App”),
dcc_graph(id=“graph1”, figure=(data=[(:x, data1.x), (:y, data1.y)], type=“scatter”))

app = dash(layout)

run_server(app, “”, 8050)

Any help is appreciated!