[Discourse plugin] Saving searches


i would love to be able to make a search and watch that search: get notified if anything new pops up in this research.

After a look on discourse’s forum there : Watching and sending notifications for keywords? - #15 by Falco - feature - Discourse Meta it seems like this is the plugin that i need : GitHub - discourse/discourse-saved-searches: Allow users to save searches and be notified of new results.

Would the current admin of discourse.julialand.org agree to add such a plugin to the current installation ? Would someone else than me benefit from this functionality ?


As a “hosted” instance of Discourse Inc, we’re unfortunately very limited in the plugins we can install — they only provide a handful that are provided to all their multi-tenanted boards. And Saved Searches is not one that’s currently supported.

You could maybe ask on Meta if that could be added to the standard set of plugins for hosted installs — if enough of their customers have that request they might add it.

I thought that julialang.org had a running instance of discourse themselves, my bad. This is a shame :frowning:

Edit: I see that this plugin seems to be part of their “Enterprise” hosting service (see there and there). If this is not the package that julialang has, then there is not much chance to get them to give it to us for free, sadly.

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Yeah, we’re on the Business plan. Thanks for doing all that legwork here to identify the plugin and its availability, and sorry the answer isn’t more positive.

We’ll throw it on the pile of things that’d be nice to have if we ever change how we host.

Okay, seems fair. Thanks for the answer! :slight_smile: