Difficulty producing Contour plots of multidimensional data, with x-values different for each time step

Hi, I have a set of 2-dimensional data, defined over an array of timesteps, but at each timestep the position x-values are different. I’m trying to get contour plots, but the plots come up blank, and each time I get the error message: Arrays have incorrect length or dimension. An example code excerpt goes like:

using Plots

tNum = 4; xNum = 3;

FunctionForPlot = Array{Float64,2}(undef, tNum, xNum)
xValsArr = Array{Float64,2}(undef, tNum, xNum)
tValsArr =  Array{Float64}(undef, tNum)

for i in 1:tNum
        tValsArr[i] = i
    for j in 1:xNum
        xValsArr[i,j] = i + j^2
        FunctionForPlot[i,j] = i*sin(35*j)

contour([xValsArr[i,j] for i=1:tNum, j=1:xNum],
         [tValsArr[i] for i=1:tNum, j=1:xNum],
        [FunctionForPlot[i,j] for i=1:tNum, j=1:xNum], fill=true)

Any suggestions on how to make this work, or why I’m not getting the plot I expected, would be welcome. Thank you!