DifferentialEquations Pkg first use

It’s my first time to use DifferentialEquations Pkg. I used this documentation ( https://docs.sciml.ai/stable/tutorials/ode_example/) to do some tutorial and when I run the same code in the documentation using Jupyter notebook I got this notification and it seems that the code calculating something very heavy and till now I didn’t get anything. I am using a laptop ( core i7 with 16 GB ram )

Yea the very first precompilation is long. I just experienced it again for the first time in a while and I was shocked at how long it is. I know they are doing lots of work to improve it though. It may takes minutes, but then it should work fine. Did it finish eventually?

Yes, the very first compile takes a minute or 2 IIRC. It should get a pretty big improvement by v1.6 though.