Differentialequations.jl - Solving ODE with time dependent parameter allocation friendly

Dear all,

I am using DifferentialEquations.jl to solve a standard SEIR Model. The ODE looks like this:

using DifferentialEquations
using BenchmarkTools, UnPack

function seir_ode!(du,u,p,t)
    (S,E,I,R,C) = u
    (β,γ,ϵ) = p

    N = S+E+I+R
    infection = β*I/N*S
    exposed = ϵ*E
    recovery = γ*I
    @inbounds begin
        du[1] = -infection
        du[2] = infection - exposed
        du[3] = exposed - recovery
        du[4] = recovery
        du[5] = infection

#Time Span
tmax = 100.0
tspan = (0.0, tmax)
#Initial conditions
N = 1000
s₀ = 0.9
e₀ = 0.03
i₀ = 0.02
r₀ = 1.0 - s₀ - e₀ - i₀
u0 = [N*s₀, N*e₀, N*i₀, N*r₀, N - (N - N*e₀ - N*i₀ - N*r₀)] #Last element are the cumulative cases
β = .5
p = (β, 0.1, 0.1)

prob_ode = ODEProblem(seir_ode!,u0,tspan,p)
sol_ode = solve(prob_ode, Tsit5(), saveat = 1.0, dt = 0.1)

This works! Now, in my actual problem I have to solve an ODE in which one of the parameter, β, is time dependent. I have to sequentially estimate this parameters and need ODE information from the last state to do so, so I cannot just first sample β over time and then solve the ODE all at once, but need to do this in a loop. My current workflow looks like this:

for t in Base.OneTo(Int(tmax))
    #Estimate β, here for simplicity:
    β = rand([.2, .5])
    # Assign new time step, states and parameter
    p_new = (β, 0.1, 0.1)
    u0_new = sol_ode.u[end]
    tspan_new = (float(t-1), float(t))
    #Solve ODE for given β
    prob_ode = ODEProblem(seir_ode!, u0_new, tspan_new, p_new)
    sol_ode = solve(prob_ode, Tsit5(), saveat = t, dt = 0.01)
    # Do some other stuff with ODE solution

Q1: Is there a way that I only need to initiate prob_ode once and can then reuse this container? ODEProblem is immutable, and I cannot just change the values inside the struct. Parameter and timespan change, but the buffer size should be constant across iterations. At the moment my workflow seems wasteful.

Q2: If applicable, are the are any improvements I could do for the ODE itself? There are still some allocations left, but I assume most are from the creation of vectors to save the output?

using BenchmarkTools
prob_ode = ODEProblem(seir_ode!, u0, tspan, p)
@btime solve($prob_ode, $Tsit5(), saveat = $1.0, dt = $0.1)  # 26.600 μs (440 allocations: 77.27 KiB)
@btime solve($prob_ode, $Tsit5(), saveat = $tmax, dt = $0.1) # 6.620 μs (42 allocations: 5.27 KiB)

You can just use remake, or you can mutate it, i.e. prob_ode.u0 .= ....

Also, instead of a new solve every time, you can initialize the integrator once and just use reinit!.

Those allocations are because you’re saving. If you tell it to save at every 1.0, then it will allocate at every 1.0. If you change the time span and aren’t saving, the allocations should be unchanged.

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Thank you, this helped a lot!