Diagnostics for Pkg.update() non-latest version



When Pkg.update() does not upgrade to the latest version of a package, is it possible to learn why? Eg something along the lines of “because I calculated the dependencies and can’t figure out a way to do it” or “a package was pinned”.

Pkg.update does not update RandomNumbers in Julia v1.1.0
Lost in transition: the current state of the Julia ecosystem?

It would also be great if Pkg.status() would show which packages are not at the most recent tag:

julia> Pkg.status()
 - SmoothingSplines              0.1.2              master                                                                                            
 - SortingAlgorithms             0.1.1              held back by SomePackage; most recent v0.2.1                                                                                                


Good point, please consider opening an issue about this.


I found an existing one: