Developing package CompatHelper: The requested URL returned error: 403

Hi All,

I’m trying to add a package for the general registry for a research work I’m about to publish. I tried following the guidelines for developing packages but I’ve been having numerous issues. The main one I’m stuck at now is the following error when CompatHelper is running:

remote: Permission to KaanKesgin/SST.jl.git denied to github-actions[bot].

(CompatHelper · KaanKesgin/SST.jl@a35ebdb · GitHub)fatal: unable to access ‘GitHub - KaanKesgin/SST.jl: The Singular Superlet Transform (SST) is a time-frequency decomposition method based on wavelet transform that can generate highly localised spectra.’: The requested URL returned error: 403

(CompatHelper · KaanKesgin/SST.jl@a35ebdb · GitHub)ERROR: failed process: Process(git -c ' Julia' -c -c ' Julia' -c push -f origin compathelper/new_version/2023-06-05-09-06-55-719-02639485968, ProcessExited(128)) [128]

(CompatHelper · KaanKesgin/SST.jl@a35ebdb · GitHub)

Can someone with any experience with this help me please

Did you add a Github Token to be able to push? See GitHub - JuliaRegistries/CompatHelper.jl: Automatically update the [compat] entries for your Julia package's dependencies.