Dev release: plotty

This has been a bit of a toy project of mine for a little while now, and with a few additions and a new version of julia, a dev release couldn’t hurt

Plotty_dev is basically a static html template with a julia data section, using a bit of javascript and webgl for the graphic rendering. A modern browser is required for viewing the output, and there’s no other dependencies

Also included - asciiServer/jxport, a small http server initially based on the julia docs example
.- webkit, possibly for html menus and other bits, inspired by browseTables and probably a bit similar to another html package on the forum recently
.- bezierPlains/t1, a bit of a 3d surface primitive, uses a triplet of three point curves (first order / quadratic bezier) to interpolate a surface over [0,0] - [1,1]. It also works quite well for colour gradients

plotty_dev zip or at GitHub - n3n7i/plotty_dev: semi-functional webgl render @ localhost