Desktop Wallpapers ( related to Julia Programming ) 🎨

I am looking for wallpapers (desktop background images) (related to Julia programming )

  • If you have created - please share! :art: :sun_with_face: :julia:
    • with license

Links welcome!

Although not Julia specific (instead, it features the father of one of Julia’s great ancestors), I use the B&W one from here (not sure if this is the original source):

Works as a great reminder for me, and is possibly 100% correct :wink:


You’re most welcome to use anything from my Flickr account which are either made with or feature Julia. They’re all CC licensed.

To be honest, though, I can’t remember the last time I saw the desktop on my computer — too many windows! :joy:


For example this one:

Do you need permission to use julia logo (is this derived work) to do something like this? Really cool looking, I like it. I just try to understand how CC licenses work. I have understood earlier that if you will use freely licensed material you still need to check that the licenses are compatible.

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I would consider this to be ‘fair use’, but I don’t know whether that’s a legitimate argument or not. But it’s easy enough to remove the images if they’re found to be infringing any license.

I don’t have opinion on that. I have CC-BY-SA incompatible with CC-BY for my real case. I just wanted to here an example which this wasn’t. Continuing off topic can IPR owner give multiple licenses for his own work? My case is CC-BY-SA and CC-BY but I am also interested if I have licensed my work GPL can I also licenses it later with MIT?

I wish I could say something more helpful about copyrights and licensing, Tero… :grinning: Perhaps you could ask on a forum frequented by more lawyers and copyright experts—and perhaps Stack Exchange would be another good place to ask.

(I’m claiming ‘fair use’ until the lawyers start knocking on my door.)

I believe that you can change the license for your work at any time, but if it is a work involving the significant contributions of other people, then it might be more difficult to switch from GPL to MIT, due to shared copyright .


Hey, cormullion - those are some great images.
Any pointers towards some code that others could mess with to explore themselves?