Deploying with Franklin.jl

I’m trying to publish a static webpage to with Franklin.jl (my username is cadojo on GitHub).

When I use Franklin.serve(), the webpage loads as expected:

However, when I check the version published at, the page doesn’t seem to actually be rendered. There are still @def commands visible at the top of the page:

I’ve double checked that I am indeed publishing to the gh-pages branch, and I don’t believe I’ve modified the deploy.yml file at all. I’m trying to use the just-the-docs theme. Does anyone know the issue?

Repo URL:

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This has been solved! As Fredrik Ekre pointed out in the Julia Slack, my repo was publishing from the main branch, not the gh-pages branch as is required.


It used to be the case that GitHub picked up the gh-pages automatically but that seems to no longer be the case; there’s an open issue to clarify this in the Franklin docs :slight_smile: