Dependencies errored

When precompiling, project HDF5, CUDA, MAT, cuDNN, ArrayInterface → ArrayInterfaceCUDAExt, NNlibCUDA, Flux, FluxOptTools and MagNav, 9 dependencies errored. What should I do to fix it.

Hello! You’ll need to provide some more information so that people can help you. Some things to include:

  • Julia version and OS
  • the output of status in the package manager
  • the actual messages you saw (rather than “errored”)

Hopefully then someone may be able to suggest a way forward for you.


my bad. julia v1.47.2
VScode from window

I dont know what else should I offer. please let me know.

Did you read and/or follow anything from here:

I know nothing about CUDA but I gather it might need some installation or set-up…

In my experience that kind of error is usually caused by some binary artifact being corrupt (possibly empty).

Does running this:

using Pkg
for artifact_dir in filter(isdir, Pkg.Artifacts.artifacts_dirs(""))
    for artifact in readdir(artifact_dir)
        print("\rChecking $artifact")
        Pkg.Artifacts.verify_artifact(Base.SHA1(artifact)) || println("\rBad artifact: $artifact")

print any “Bad artifact”?