Delete Juliabox folder

I am not entirely new to Julia, working with it on my local installation and I’ve been through many up and downs. Especially I managed to install it on corporate machine with default libraries being diverted on installation to network drive (changed juliarc.jl file and managed some Pkg instructions), a thing many people struggle to overcome.
I’ve recently started using Juliabox, for the purpose of learning a few new things which I have been supplied through ipynb file, and by adding Plots, Bokeh, Plotlyjs I quickly run out of personal Disk Space of 500MB.
I have reset my packages through settings and these have been moved to temporary folder which I can easily see and manipulate through Juliabox notebook.
The issue is that I have searched through all documentation and forums on managing folders and nowhere I find a method how to remove a non-empty folder without cleaning the contents of it first.
You can imagine that my temporary folder which I would like to erase has folders:
each having hundreds of folders nested within other folders and cleaning this file by file, folder by folder would take all week, 8 hours per day or even more weeks.
The most sane situation, as I have run out of disk space of 500MB, is to set up a new profile and start using Juliabox from scratch, and when I run out of disk space, set yet another one.
But I doubt Julia creators would be so dumb to allow 500MB or any multiplication of this lay idle from this stupid reason of not being able to delete a folder in Juliabox despite it being non-empty.
Can you help?


Does rm("/path/to/folder", true, true) do what you want?


Yes, it worked.
The trouble was that I did not check the contents of my “/home/juser” directory (ie. where the “tmp” directory was placed) with readdir() and intuitively my whole command (or path within it, to be more precise) was:

rm(“/home/juser/.julia/tmp”, force=true, recursive=true)

whereas it should have been:
rm(“/home/juser/tmp”, force=true, recursive=true)

gr8 thx for your quick reply,