`pkg> rm Proj` doesn't delete the project folder

as an example, after

pkg> rm ExtractMacro

I was expecting the folder .julia/packages/ExtractMacro/Wcrs/ or .julia/packages/ExtractMacro/ to disappear, but it didn’t.
Assuming this is intentional behavior I wonder why?

That command removes ExtractMacro from the current environment, but other environments on your system might still need ExtractMacro, so the folder isn’t deleted.

If you want to clean up any packages that aren’t used by any environment, you can garbage collect by typing

pkg> gc

That, and also that there is no need to download it again next time you add the same version of the package.


I will have to keep in mind to run pkg> gc every now and then. I just did it, after a few weeks on 0.7, and it has freed up almost 1 Gb

   Deleted 300 package installations : 836.488 MiB

We’ll add automatic garbage collection at some point but we will probably want to be a little careful about it.

Might be nice to ignore .DS_Store for Mac OS since otherwise it will fail at

ERROR: SystemError: unable to read directory /Users/name/.julia/packages/.DS_Store: Not a directory

This is fixed on master of Pkg, will be in next julia bugfix release