Debugging diffeqpy code, remake not defined

I am going to solve a system of SDE using diffeqpy and use EnsembleProblem.
I don’t know why I am getting remake not defined error.

The code run properly without EnsembleProblem.
So I guess the problem should be in prob_func, but what is that?

Here is the script:

import numpy as np
import pylab as pl
from math import pi
from time import time
from sys import exit

    from diffeqpy import de
    from julia import Main
    from julia.api import Julia
    jl = Julia(compiled_modules=False)
    from julia import Main
    from diffeqpy import de

julia_f = Main.eval("""
function f!(du, u, p, t)
    for i = 1:p[1]
        du[i] = 2.0 + sum(sin.(u .- u[i]))
    return du
""" )

julia_g = Main.eval("""
function g!(du, u, p, t)
    for i = 1:p[1]
        du[i] = p[2]

prob_f = Main.eval("""
function prob_func(prob, i, repeat)
    remake(prob, u0 = rand() .* prob.u0)


K = 2.0                          # coupling
N = 3                             # number of nodes
dt = 0.01                        # time step
t_final = 50.0                 # simulation time
t_trans = 10.0                # transition time
mu = 2.0                        # mean value of initial frequencies
sigma = 0.0                   # std of initial frequencies
kind = 2
noise_amp = 0.001

if __name__ == "__main__":

    start = time()
    theta_0 = np.random.uniform(-pi, pi, size=N)
    tspan = (0.0, t_final)

    p = [N, noise_amp]
    prob = de.SDEProblem(julia_f, julia_g, theta_0, tspan, p)
    # sol = de.solve(prob, de.SOSRA())
    ensemble_prob = de.EnsembleProblem(prob, prob_func=prob_f)
    sol = de.solve(ensemble_prob,

RuntimeError                              Traceback (most recent call last)
~/git/workshop_julia/DiffEquations/diffeqpy/synchrony_test/ in <module>
     77                    de.SOSRA(),
     78                    de.EnsembleThreads(),
---> 79                    trajectories=2)

RuntimeError: Julia exception: TaskFailedException:
UndefVarError: remake not defined

On the Julia side, DiffEq is only imported.

Tells you it’s not in scope, so you need to do: