Dead links in Flux.jl's

I’ve been reading through Flux.jl’s and there are two dead links under the Learn Flux section:

  1. Flux’s official Getting Started tutorial
  2. Deep Learning with Flux - A 60 Minute Blitz: a quick intro to Flux loosely based on PyTorch’s tutorial

Good catch! Do you want to try and fix them yourself? It’s as simple as clicking edit on the markdown page in the github repository. Happy to guide you through the process if you need more help!

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I would be happy to try to fix them myself. Would you be able to provide me with some guidance on this process? I am very new to this.

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Does Flux not check for dead links in CI?

If you go to the Flux.jl GitHub repository and open, you’ll find buttons like these at the top right of the text pane.

When you click on the pen, you will be able to edit the source Markdown file and submit your modifications. In GitHub parlance, you will do three things:

  • create a fork, i.e. a copy of the Flux.jl repository that is yours to edit as you please
  • commit your changes to the fork, i.e. save them in your version
  • open a pull request, i.e. a suggestion for the maintainers of the official package to pull your changes into it

Luckily, when you want to edit a single file, these things are taken care of almost automatically by GitHub, you just need to let it guide you. If you want to make more complex contributions, you will probably have to work on your fork locally (e.g. with VSCode), but that’s a story for another day :slight_smile:

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Thanks for answering!