i need to generate two plots of two datasets and save them, as .png files,
respectively, wind-gen.png and system-demand.png. The first plot should be of the wind data, showing both actual power generated and what was forecasted and the second should be a heatmap. I am wondering if anyone could give me a hand with this. One of the column names has a space before it so i am trying to change the name of that column but when i do it omitts the 4th column.

Ref: Please read: make it easier to help you

What have you tried to rename the column? I typically use the rename! function from here.

It is hard to help you without more information about what you tried and what isn’t working as you expected. See this post below:

Some notes that may help:

  • Spaces in column names can be handled just fine in DataFrames. Just wrap the name in " wherever you write it to treat the name as a String.
  • There is a rename! function in DataFrames that makes changing a column name fairly easy: rename!(df, "old name" => "new name").
  • Julia has several different plotting packages that do things differently. Plots.jl, Makie.jl, and AlgebraOfGraphics.jl are some of the most popular. We will need to know which one you are trying to use and types your data are stored in. For a simple line plot with Plots.jl on DataFrame data, you can do plot(df."x column", df."y column").