Data Scientist: AI for Water Management in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

The Data Science team at Emagin which I’m a part of is hiring data scientists. Although we mostly use Python, we use Julia for a core project and are working on open-sourcing a Dynamic Time Warping library. Additionally, it’s highly probable we’ll continue to use Julia for various performance critical projects in the future, given we’ve invested so much getting it to work for a single use case.

Emagin does AI for water management. This includes water treatment plants, municipal water distribution and industrial water usage. We’re a startup which is past it’s “OMG EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE” stage, but still early enough to give it’s employees meaningful agency/independence. Personally, I was happy to join the company, given I was able to solve interesting problems with machine learning, while still slightly helping humanity.

You can see the full posting on our website.


We’ve now open-sourced the Dynamic Time Warping library!


They’ve updated their post, but it still explicit mentions Julia!

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