[ANN] Flux v0.8

We are pleased to announce that Flux v0.8 has been released and is available for download now. Here are some of the major highlights from this release and the full list is available in the NEWS.md:

  1. New ConvTranspose layer @tejank10
  2. Datasets are now hash verified on download to avoid corruption. @KristofferC
  3. NamedTuples now work like Tuples when doing mapleaves @Keno
  4. Added “Performance Tips” section to the documentation thanks to @oxinabox
  5. The training loop has been revamped and better shows the lower level APIs @oxinabox @MikeInnes
  6. Support for CuPtr for updated APIs for use in the updated GPU stack @maleadt
  7. The Iris dataset can now be accessed as Data.Iris thanks to @JoshuaWhittemore


  1. The major ongoing project is to incorporate Zygote.jl as the AD. The work can also be tracked on Flux’s zygote branch.

Tracker has now been moved into its own package as a step towards making Flux compatible with a larger number of AD libraries.

Please try out this release and file issues and regressions as necessary.

Please reach out if you wish to participate in the Google Summer of Code. The proposed projects list can be found here. But do feel free to come up with your own!

A huge thanks to everyone’s contributions with issues and PRs.

  • Dhairya

I don’t do ML, but use AD all the time (for optimization and Bayesian inference), so I am very happy that these excellent AD packages are decoupled from Flux, even if they share a lot of developers. This should make them easier to use for others, and may also benefit Flux users indirectly.