Custom Venn Diagram in Julia

Hi all,

I saw this topic:

But I want to plot a custom venn diagram in Julia, which can show :slight_smile:

  1. 𝐴∩𝐵
  2. 𝐴∖𝐵
  3. 𝐴△𝐵 (symmetric difference of sets A and B which you can imagine like two blocks and the sets is not the intersection of the blocks)
  4. A inside S (the big sets containing A)

It does not have to be a circle like official Venn’s diagram. I know I could create it with Paint or Inkscape or other softwares. But I am using JupyterLab and it is nicer to plot with Julia all this. Haha…

Take a tour of LazySets.jl

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