CSV misbehavior

hello all,

I have 2 similar files saved as comma delimited (CSV)
I can read only one of them.
When I try to read the other one
I get this message

Are you sure that the file exists (and the path provided is correct?)

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The message is saying it’s “not valid”. What I would try to do is edit the file to only include the first 2 lines. True loading that. If it’s still not valid then maybe you can share the file?

If the first 2 lines are valid, then there is a probably a line in it somewhere that GS.jl is barfing on. Try removing the last half of the lines, and load. If it works, add half the deleted lines back. If it fails, delete the half the remaining lines. Keep doing that until you can figure out which line is giving you the issue.

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What I did is
I deleted the file
and created it from scratch
it worked
but I did not know the reason :frowning:

I deleted the file and
created it again