CSDP.jl in Linux

Dear all,

I’m having some trouble to install the CSDP.jl package in a Linux machine. I already have the CSDP solver installed but I want to use it within the JuMP framework. When I try to build the package I’m getting the following message:

===========================[ ERROR: CSDP ]===========================

LoadError: None of the selected providers can install dependency libblas.
Use BinDeps.debug(package_name) to see available providers

while loading /home/mariosouto/.julia/v0.6/CSDP/deps/build.jl, in expression starting on line 48


==========================[ BUILD ERRORS ]===========================

WARNING: CSDP had build errors.

 - packages with build errors remain installed in /home/mariosouto/.julia/v0.6
 - build the package(s) and all dependencies with `Pkg.build("CSDP")`
 - build a single package by running its `deps/build.jl` script


After taking a look at the build.jl file it seems that the package is compatible only with windows. If that is the case, is there any workaround?


Dear Mario,

The package should be compatible with any operating system. There is a special case done for Windows in the build script because for Windows we do not build CSDP from source and download precompiled binaries instead.
On Linux, CSDP is built from source but it requires BLAS/LAPACK to be installed. I have updated the README with installation instruction, let me know if it’s clearer now :slight_smile:
Note that you can also use CSDP with the BLAS/LAPACK libraries shipped with Julia by setting JULIA_LAPACK=true at the beginning of the build.jl script.


Thanks Benoit,

It is working just fine.

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