Creating GUI with Dash.jl

Hello, i’m trying to create a GUI using Dash.jl
My GUI need to have the usual buttons, sliders, etc. which is straightforward in Dash.
My issues are :

  1. creating a 2D plot and an image on which I can click with the mouse and get the clicked pixel coordinates
  2. getting key user pressed, no matter where is the focus

for the first issue I was thinking using Makie.jl as a separate window, regarding the second issue, I have no idea how to solve, I did find how to get key pressed as long as the focus is on Julia REPL.

My questions are:

  1. can I integrate Makie plots in Dash and not in a separate window or does PlotlyJS has equivalent mouse interaction abilities like Makie?
  2. can I get key user pressed, no matter where is the focus, or change the focus within the app to the REPL to get the key.

thanks in ahead


Sorry for not answering your questions directly. But i might guide you towards a solution:

Perhaps you are interested in using Stipple.jl which seems to be more than suitable for creating guis and dashboards. As far as i know it is a pure julia/js package.

Makie has a backend called WGLMakie.jl which uses web gl. It might integrate nicely into stipple amd even be interactive.

This is how i would attempt to achieve your goal. However i am interested how others would do it

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thanks for the new direction, I’ll look into it, will it solve my second issue referring the key user pressed?

Ok, so you want to use key presses in your dashboard?

There is a keybinding in the Stipple.jl example located in the file.

function ui()
    vm(model), class="container", [
        "Input "
        input("", @bind(:input), @on("keyup.enter", "process = true"))

        button("Action!", @click("process = true"))

        "Output: "
        span("", @text(:output))
  ) |> html

It shoud create a keybinding for the enter key. But i doubt it would catch the keypress if the browser window is not in focus.

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thanks again :slight_smile: , I’ll check it.

Hi, I have been playing with Stipple.jl and I have some issues that I can’t resolve:

  1. In my GUI the user is required to give some inputs, I would like to open a new window/tab in which a new GUI is created, and the user will fill the the needed data, at the end the window/tab will be closed via a button press. I google it but could not find any solution…
  2. I couldn’t find any documentation regarding the Stipple UI features, Where can I find some API documentation for the Stipple Models?