Creating a math website based on Julia

Recently, I have been making some nice webpages with the Julia Documenter and \LaTeX.

I also have a WordPress based website, which I am thinking of replacing with a Julia generated.

What are the different options out there for generating static websites with Julia? I really like the basic approach provided by Documenter and also saw that Weave is available too.

The main issue I have is with declaring additional \LaTeX to use in the website.

Is it possible to \usepackage{amsmath} somehow in the raw \LaTeX mode of Documenter?

How can I declare additional \LaTeX commands in a preamble to display in the website?

You might like JuDoc


But is there no way to declare a custom \LaTeX command in Documenter?

In Documenter you can pass configuration options to KaTeX (or MathJax; here is a real working example). Documenter just converts the Julia dictionary into a JS object, so you have to see the KaTeX/MathJax docs to figure out exactly what you need to pass.

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