Creating a function in Julia

I’m trying to write a function in Julia that draws n values from a arbitrary distribution truncated on loess fit and hybrid index class. I can create the function in r using:

  ....<rest of the code>

where lo is loess fit and hi is hybrid index class. I want to create a function that is similar to this in Julia, I can’t find resource for hybrid class Index in Julia.

is the question more about where can you find hybrid index class in Julia? (is it a statistical thing? or a programming language thing)

The question precisely is using a function similar to hi() which is present in R in Julia.

If you describe what you want it’s a lot easier to help you. Some people might know enough R to be able to do it based off of just the R function name, but you’ll increase your chances if you tell us what the function you want does.

If your question is about how to create functions,