Creating a Binary Vector from a ZIP File

Hello everyone,

I have an Issue getting the correct binary Vector of a ZIP File when using the Package ZipFile.jl

I want to use the GoogleCloud.jl Package to upload a zip file. Since the insert method only allows to pass Strings, Dicts or BinaryVectors I tried to hand over the last type.
This is how far I have come till now:

# this part is taken from the ZipFile.jl Docstrings
using ZipFile
w = ZipFile.Writer("/tmp/")
f = ZipFile.addfile(w, "hello.txt")
write(f, "hello world!")
f = ZipFile.addfile(w, "julia.txt", method=ZipFile.Deflate)
write(f, "Julia"^5)
r = ZipFile.Reader("/tmp/")

# this will give me the BitVector

Using the insert method will be successful but if i later on download the file it seems like its corrupted and I cannot open it. I use the ZipFile package because it has been the most promising way to get the BitVector so far.

Does anyone has the answer for overcoming this issue?