How to extract zip file content in Jupyter Notebook

I’m trying to use the MNSIT dataset to train a network and needed to use the images that are in a .zip file in the same directory. I tried to use ZipFile and FilePathsBase to extract the content from the .zip folder. However I get the following error “no method matching ZipFile.Reader

Could someone please help me with how to proceed as I understand there is no direct way to upload a folder to a Jupyter Notebook.


Did you read the entire error message?
If you do not understand what it means, posting the entire message would be helpful in understanding the problem you are facing.

Perhaps the error message implies that the file path or data should be passed as a string (<:AbstractString) or an IO object.

FYI, we can also use ZipArchives.jl instead of ZipFile.jl for most use cases.