Jldoctest blocks in julia docstrings is not evaluated

Would someone please have a look at the following issue?


I also have the exactly same problem but could not find any similar issue reporting in the Julia Discourse.

Simply put, as I understand it, the jldoctest block in the doc string must be evaluated during the course of makedocs() run. but which seems not (seems the jldoctest block is silently ignored).

if I place the jldoctest block in index.md file, then I observed that jldoctest block mentioned in the index.md was evaluated.

For me, the configurations are (in Julia 1.3.0):
(sorry, I don’t know how to escape ```)

The index.md:

# MyPkg.jl

CurrentModule = MyPkg


## Functions


## Index


and in MyPkg.jl:

module MyPkg


julia> MyPkg.func_sum(1,2)

function func_sum(x, y)
    x + y

end # module

How could I fix it?