Create_library dependency path issue

I’m trying to create a library for my package using the following command:
using PackageCompiler; create_library(“MyPackage”, “libMyPackage”)
This command fails when trying to precompile the project, stating that a function MyFunc which is defined in the MyDependency package cannot be found.
I have a version of MyDependency in my .julia folder, which does not have MyFunc defined, but I also have a dev version of the package in which I have defined MyFunc.
The status command of pkg points to the correct path of the dev version of MyDependency. Additionally, when I execute ‘test MyPackage’ the dependency is also correctly found.
Only when using the create_library function MyFunc cannot be found.

How do I ensure that the PackageCompiler also finds the correct path of MyDependency?

Do both packages have the same version number? Try bumping the version number of the deved package.