Create documentation locally for unregistered package


What could I be doing wrong or still missing in setting up docs . I still cant get the docstrings fetched from source.

When I Run Julia make.jl i get the documentation from the .md files, but I don’t get the documentation from the source code.


You need to use the @docs macro in documentation pages referred to by pages, see here for an example and its results.

The Documenter.jl guide contains tons of info and usages.


Thank you @christopher-dG, I have done that but I still fail to get the documentations locally.



I cloned and built the docs myself, and found that docstrings for Retriever and bar failed, while worked.

  • There is no docstring for the Retriever module so ```@docs Retriever``` is not going to do anything
  • Documenter searches the main module by default, so ```@docs bar``` is not going to work
    • You can get around this however:
      CurrentModule = Retriever
      (Ignore the - on the last line)
  • @docs works for reasons outlined above, but will not work if you apply the CurrentModule fix.


@christopher-dG, thanks for the guidance, could you please give me a PR to that Branch I would really appreciate.