Building documentation for module

I have implemented a small module to read JSONLines files and especially parts of a file without loading the whole file into memory. I would (eventually) like to register the package so I would like to build documentation from the docstrings but I cannot get it working using Documenter.jl and I think I am fundamentally misunderstanding something. Could someone point me in the right direction of how to build the docs?


What’s the error you are getting? Is it a problem with building docs locally, or deploying them?

Instead of manually setting up make.jl for docs (and other config files), you can use PkgTemplates.jl to do it for you.

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Thank you! I’ll try that.
I was trying to build them locally and the error was about deployment. So I guess I need to build the package through github?

It’d help if you posted that error message. I think the error is unrelated to deployment, as when you build the docs locally, the deployment is ignored.

I am getting the following which now looks like it is expected since I am building locally:

 ~/Documents/juliaPkgs/JSONL.jl/docs (master u=)> julia --project="." make.jl
[ Info: SetupBuildDirectory: setting up build directory.
[ Info: Doctest: running doctests.
[ Info: ExpandTemplates: expanding markdown templates.
[ Info: CrossReferences: building cross-references.
[ Info: CheckDocument: running document checks.
[ Info: Populate: populating indices.
[ Info: RenderDocument: rendering document.
[ Info: HTMLWriter: rendering HTML pages.
┌ Warning: Documenter could not auto-detect the building environment Skipping deployment.
└ @ Documenter ~/.julia/packages/Documenter/PLD7m/src/deployconfig.jl:41

I do not get any html files or so with my docs in it. Is that correct?

I used PkgTemplates.jl and got it working ( Thank you very much for your help!