Corrupted project.toml and/or manifest.toml files

I think that one or two of my project files (project.toml and/or manifest.toml) are corrupted.

Every time that I try to install a new package, I get the following error:

I am thinking of deleting the two files and recreate them again.

  • Is it safe to delete the two project files?
  • In what directory can I find them? (Windows 10)
  • How to recreate them?
  • Is it necessary that I uninstall Julia and install it again?

The corrupted file seems to be part of your local copy of the General registry, so the likely fix is doing

(@v1.8) pkg> registry rm General
    Removing registry `General` from ~/.julia/registries/General.toml

(@v1.8) pkg> registry add General

in the package prompt.
(N.b. this might also make certain package operations faster, especially on windows, since you are currently still using an extracted copy of the registry, whereas 1.8 will read the tarball in memory by default)


Your proposed solution seems to work. Awesome