Corporate Grants for Volunteer Hours

As you know the Julia project (as well as JuMP and SciML) are fiscally sponsored by NumFOCUS, an US based charity. The funds we collect via NumFOCUS helps pay for the ongoing expenses of the project, such as some of our cloud and hardware expenses as well as funding JScC/JSoD. We are incredibly grateful to our many donors and sponsors who have donated to the project.

But did you know that in addition to matching donations, many corporations also provide grants to nonprofits like NumFOCUS based on hours that employees have spent volunteering with the organization? Some notable examples of such companies among current NumFOCUS corporate sponsors include Microsoft, IBM, NVIDIA, Two Sigma, and Bloomberg.

Volunteering with any of our programs/committees (JuliaCon, JSoC) as well as your (unpaid*) work on your open source project generally counts as a volunteer activity for the purposes of these corporate philanthropy programs.

If you work for a company which you suspect might have such a program in place, I strongly encourage you to take the following steps:

  1. Check with your company directly or use our Corporate Match Search Tool to see if your company has such a program.

  2. Complete the required documentation to submit record of your volunteer hours to your company.

  3. This submission process looks different from company to company, so please follow instructions carefully.

  4. Upon submission, send an e-mail to with your name, your project, and the date on which you submitted your documentation. (A copy of the documentation you submitted would be ideal.)

  5. Companies typically work with a third-party payments processor to get the funds to us – some of these processors are easier to work with than others. Your e-mail will help us know what to expect and when.

  6. You may request that the corporate match be designated to Julia, JuMP or SciML or you may leave it undesignated, in which case the funds will support all NumFOCUS projects and initiatives.


JuMP is also a fiscally sponsored project! We’re slowly breaking the python dominance of NumFOCUS…


Yes, indeed, apologies! I’ve edited my post.